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Mercedes Auto Dismantlers

Mercedes Auto Dismantlers in Christchurch – Variety of Merc Spare Parts Available

If you are looking for cash for Mercedes-Benz cars in Christchurch who’ll pay the highest price for an old, used, junk Mercedes-Benz vehicle. South Wreckers is your one stop shop.

Mercedes Auto Dismantlers

We buy all models of Mercedes-Benz no matter in what physical or mechanical condition it is. Because we dismantle German cars for parts and our experts understand all nuts and bolts of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. South Wreckers has no affiliation, sponsorship or approval from Mercedes-Benz or any member of Mercedes-Benz Group of Companies.

Sell Mercedes-Benz Car in Canterbury

If a Mercedes-Benz car is new and if you are looking to trade or if it is a scrap, old, damaged yes Mercedes Auto Dismantlers buy them all. Comparing to any other company we are paying top dollars. So never miss a chance to get an instant cash quote from Christchurch auto wreckers.

Mercedes Car Owners only have to provide the following information for getting an instant cash quote for their Mercedes-Benz cars in south island.

  • Name of the owner
  • Model, Year
  • Mobile number
  • Car Condition
  • Transmission

For your Mercedes is very good shape and you think it worth a bit more then you can try sell your Mercedes for instant cash in New Zealand.

Mercedes-Benz Used Parts & Panels

We Stock Most Mercedes-Benz Used Parts & Panels.  Contact Us Today!

Our staff have over 100 years of Mercedes spare parts experience & will respond immediately! Call 0800 735 569 for all Mercedes Benz parts inquiries including ML-Class, OEM, GL class & all Mercedes 4WD wheel drive.

  •  Steering & Suspension : brakes system, ball joints, bushes etc.
  •  Body & Panel parts : bars, grilles, guards, bonnets etc.
  •  Engine parts : cylinder heads, gaskets, cam shafts etc.
  •  Fuel system : fuel pump, injectors, air flow meter etc.

There are many benefits to working with a company like ours. 

  • We take the time to understand your needs 
  • 24/7 high quality services 
  • Friendly and expert customer service experts 
  • Expert buyers & Best rates


Choose South Wreckers. We are one of the best Mercedes Benz wreckers in New Zealand You are assured that only expert car wreckers, car valuation team, mechanics, and car removalists will handle your old Mercedes, so there’s no need to worry. We will gladly take your Benz in no time and even pay you top cash for it, so you won’t feel too bad about letting it go. Decide now and reach our friendly and efficient staff at 0800 735 569. Enquire and get your free no-obligation quote now!

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Scrap Car for Cash Christchurch

Sell your scrap car for cash in Christchurch

Scrap Car for Cash Christchurch

We pay some of the best prices for Scrap Car for Cash Christchurch. We also offer a convenient free vehicle removal service.

Established in 2009, we are rapidly becoming one of the south island’s premier car scrappage and car disposal centres. If you have an old unwanted car to get rid of and you were thinking “Where is the best place to scrap my car in Christchurch?” you’re in the right place.

Christchurch Scrap Car Collection

We will come to your Christchurch location at a time that suits you and collect your scrap car using either one of our tow trucks or our Hiab truck which can collect up to four cars at a time and you can get paid some money for it.

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All vehicle removals within Ōtautahi are free, we never charge a collection fee or any type of administration charge, so the price you are quoted is the amount that you will receive in your bank or in your hand (if your car has a valid WOF and you agree that it can be sold on).

We buy for WOF failures, written off cars, commercial scrap vehicles, lorries and camper-vans. All with free collection and disposed of conveniently.

Scrap Car Quotes Christchurch

The price of scrap fluctuates daily, so when you call one of our Scrap Car for Cash Christchurch specialists, the quote you receive will be based on whatever the price of scrap is on that day. We monitor the different rates at the authorized treatment facilities up and down the north island on a daily basis, so when someone calls and says “I’d like to scrap my car in Christchurch!” we can give the the best possible quote available at the time.

Scrap Car for Cash Christchurch, Canterbury

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We work with a network of New Zealand scrap car agents that want to pay you cash for your old vehicle. Call Scrap Car for Cash Christchurch team now if you would like your car removed and you’d like to get some money. We will deal with all of the relevant NZTA paperwork on your behalf and issue you with a receipt of scrap.

Get in touch with your nearest branch: Christchurch wreckersAshburton wreckersTimaru wreckersOamaru wreckers.