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Scrap Cars Geraldine

Do You Need A Quick Cash for an Old Vehicle in or around Heratini?

Our South Wreckers is Canterbury based car removal services. It is the number one company specializing in assisting Canterburians find reliable, fast and easy ways to sell unwanted vehicles.

Scrap Cars Geraldine

Are you unsure if you are ready to sell your scrap car? Are you curious about your car’s current market value? Contact Scrap Cars Geraldine team. We offer free, no obligation service quotes. This should give you the information you need to decide if the time is right to sell your unwanted vehicle. To get a free quote, call us today. You can also use our online contact form to get a quote. Be certain to enter your car’s details properly and we will be in touch quickly.

Once you are happy with our offer, we can proceed with the sale process. We will make arrangements to come to Geraldine town to see the vehicle. You can choose to have us come to your farm or your house, whichever is most convenient for you. We will confirm the offer with you and complete the paperwork necessary. Once it is finalized, you will receive your payment and we will remove your car for you for free.

Cash for Scrap Cars Geraldine

We can buy old cars, utes, vans, and just about any other type of vehicle. SOUTH WRECKERS can even purchase cars that have damage due to an accident. We can do this even if the car has been deemed uneconomical to repair. In addition to buying cars with external, body damage, we will take vehicles with mechanical damage. We buy cars that have had problems with the engines or transmissions, for instance.

Why use South Wreckers services?

Whether you are tired of putting money into the car for repairs or you just want to get it off your hands so you can get fast cash, we are here to help. Contact us now to get an offer.

Over the years Canterbury car wreckers have built up a professional reputation as one of south island’s leading car scrappage and car dismantlers. We take all scrap cars, vans, 4X4’s, lorries and trucks from any area of south Canterbury offering a FREE pick-up on all end of life cars, 4X4s, trucks, and buses.

  • Free Pick-Up and delivery
  • Fully Licensed
  • Best Market Value Prices Paid
  • Cash Paid on Receipt of Vehicle
  • All Vehicles Accepted No matter how bad the condition.

Scrap your car with South wreckers

If you need to sell a faulty or damaged car, we can help you sell these scrap cars. We pay CASH for cars, faulty cars and end of life vehicles, and to make things easy for you to sell a scrap car, we also collect for FREE. So you can get a fair price for your car without having to worry about the hassle, inconvenience and cost of delivery to a scrap yard or recycling center.

Save Time! You do not have to waste anymore time placing advertisements that get answered by tyre kickers or strangers. Contact Scrap Cars Geraldine team and get your car sold – fast!

Check to see which junkyards offer service in your Geraldine area. Some have larger service areas due to multiple locations. A larger fleet of tow trucks means you will not have to wait for days to have your clunker towed.

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Scrap Car Alexandra

Get the best price possible for your scrap car/truck with South Wreckers

Do you live in Alexandra? Are you looking to scrap your car? The South Wreckers are New Zealand-wide partnership between hundreds of scrap car dealers, with the end-goal to offer a ‘green’ and ethical service that gives you – the customer- the very best price for your Scrap Car Alexandra.

Scrap Car Alexandra

We have been in the car recycling business for just shy of half a century and we know how much of an inconvenience it can be to Scrap Car Alexandra. Sometimes, you just want the thing out of your driveway or out of your garage! If you are like most people these days – busy and rushed – you probably put off scrapping your car because you can’t find the time to scour the phone book and make the calls or even search online filling in endless forms that ask the same questions!

Scrap Your Car For Cash In Alexandra, Otago

Did you know that an accident damaged car can make you some serious cash, if you choose to scrap your car in Alexandra with South Wreckers. Although having a crash or your car being with no WOF vehicle can be devastating, we are always on hand to help you out when you need cash for your Scrap Car Alexandra.

car wreckers sydney

Scrapping your car can be a difficult decision, as we get attached to our cars, however, just think how easier it will be when you’re old troublesome motor has finally been removed and you have been paid in cash for it. When you call for a quote, our team will be on hand seven days a week if you call the office. Alternatively, you can put the details of your car into our quick quote box and we’ll call you within the hour.

How does scrapping a car with South Wreckers work?

Telephone us or submit a collection request via the website
Your car or van will be collected by one of our drivers and loaded onto our recovery truck
The driver will complete the relevant section of the ownership document to notify the NZTA your vehicle has been scrapped
Your vehicle is taken away to be recycled

Our Promise

  • Great price for your car
  • The price we quote is the price we pay
  • Secure, rapid payment
  • Free home collection
  • Rapid and responsive service
  • NZTA paperwork taken care of

car wreckers perth

Easy Scrapping Service

We aim to make scrapping your car easy. From the moment that you pick up the phone to the moment we remove your car, Scrap Car Alexandra is simple with SOUTH WRECKERS. So why not give us a call today to get a free, no obligation quote? Call 0800 735 569 or fill in the online form now.

No matter where you are in South island, if you want to sell and scrap your car in Nelson or Invercargill, Christchurch or Dunedin, or anywhere in between, South wreckers can help. We can collect your scrap car from you or you can drop it off at the below address.

Scrap Car Gore

Get Cash for your Car in Gore… Call Now!

Scrap Car Gore

Vehicles we Purchase from Gore & Mataura

From Ford to Mercedes, Toyota to Hyundai, South Wreckers pay top Cash for All Makes & Models Consequently making our Scrap Car Gore team one of the best car wrecking for cash in the South Island! As a Result, we are able to offer higher prices then all of our competitors yet still maintaining the same fast and friendly service as always! Scrap Car Gore seems like it’s never been Easier!

How Long does Scrap Car Gore Take?

South wreckers ultimately make scrapping your car a breeze! Due to the processes and high cost situations that are relevant when selling a car privately, sometimes it can be more cost effective and as a result, cash for cars can be seen as a light at the end of a tunnel! Hence why we can have your car picked up, cash in your hand as soon as possible.

Why Selling to South Wreckers is Easier!

South Wreckers buy Cars, Utes, Vans, Trucks and Tractors without inspection or WOF certificates allowing for trouble free, cost effective disposal of your unwanted, unused cars. What’s most noteworthy is that the cost of the Tow – away is Free! If your car is broken down, on the side of the road, or at your farm, Scrap Car Gore team will pick it up free of charge and finally pay you Cash in Your Hand on the Same Day!

Need the Car Picked up?! Not a Problem! South Wreckers are Phone Call Away

If your vehicle no longer drives… Don’t Stress! We offer Tow Services as wide as indicated on the Left. Including locations such as all Gore, Mataura, Edendale, Winton, Pukerau, Whiterigg, Mandeville, Waimumu, Waikaka and other Southland towns.

Contact Us Today

To get a cash quote on your car, truck, van, SUV, ute, Jeep, 4×4, bus or bike, just give Scrap Car Gore team a call today.  We are your car removal company in Gore that offers only the best. Contact us at 0800 735 569 Complete our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.

No matter where you are in South island, if you want to sell and scrap your car in Nelson or Invercargill, Christchurch or Dunedin, or anywhere in between, South wreckers can help. We can collect your scrap car from you or you can drop it off at the below address.

Scrap Car Hokitika

A reliable car scrapping service, customer-focus – Scrap Car Hokitika

If you have a car for scrap we can offer free same day collection from home work or garage. We collect up to 8pm, 7 days a week, making scrapping your car hassle free. If you receive a higher quote please let us know and SOUTH WRECKERS will always try our best to improve your offer!

Scrap Car Hokitika

My car is just damaged, not scrap

Typically, there is an immense number of accidents in which the car faces a little or more damage, and fortunately, it’s not face a total loss for your car. If this happens to a car and it needs to be repaired, South wreckers have a diverse collection of car parts in working condition carefully extracted from cars before their wrecking. if you want to Scrap Car Hokitika, you don’t want to worry about it. We will buy it from you, and we would give you more money for a car that can be repaired. Unlike others, we don’t buy all cars for the value of scrap.

Here’s how we can save you time and money when you scrap your car for cash in Hokitika

Are you looking to scrap your car? Here at South wreckers we understand that when it comes to scrapping or recycling your vehicle it can become a hassle. From finding the location of a scrapyard, making time in your day to deliver the car or arrange collection to working out who offers the best price for your Scrap Car Hokitika.

South wreckers, the premier vehicle recycling and recovery service in Hokitika & Kaniere, West Coast region, offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of vehicle collection requirements.

We will come to a location of your choice and collect your car or van absolutely free within a 300 mile radius of our business. That means we can collect your vehicle from as far South as Haast and as far North as Westport with all central and coastal areas in between included. We can also collect from any surrounding area within the North-West by arrangement.  Based on Christchurch we are proud of our local roots at South Wreckers and we cover the entire WEST-COAST to provide that local touch for you.

We offer free collection for your vehicle

We have a fully equipped fleet of specialist lift hiab wagons available and ready and we will work around your schedule to make sure that the process is kept stress free. Vehicle retrieval is available on Hokitika between 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week. In fact, we can often arrange to retrieve your car on the very same day at no extra cost or effort on your part.

We are pleased to announce that we also pay for all cars we recover. For every car that we come to pick up we pay you up to NZD9000, depending on the make and model. To confirm, there is zero charge for recovery of your old vehicle we can pay you up to $9000 for every one of the cars and vans we arraign.

That is an offer that we are extremely proud of at South wreckers and we feel that our offer speaks as our ethos; customer value and satisfaction first and foremost.  We also buy, scrap and recycle vans, trucks, wagons or fork lift trucks in Hokitika, and our purchasing prices are extremely competitive on caravans and all makes and models of vans and pickup trucks.  So if you are looking to sell or Scrap Car Hokitika or vehicles we invite you to give us a call.

Great ethics and great value – where do I get a scrap car quote and arrange collection?

We offer a one stop shop for all you car and van needs: Free collection, Cash paid to you, Recovery hours designed to work for you, all within the Hokitika area  and delivered with courteous, professional and efficient service.

No matter where you are in South island, if you want to sell and scrap your car in Nelson or Invercargill, Christchurch or Dunedin, or anywhere in between, South wreckers can help. We can collect your scrap car from you or you can drop it off at the below address.

Sell My Car South Island

Looking to Selling your Unwanted Vehicle in South Island? 

If you’re in South Island and you own an used, old, accident or scrap vehicle or holding onto your useless or un-warranted car taking up space. Kiwis are quite familiar with the challenges in selling their unwanted automobiles. Usually it takes weeks and even months just to sell their old car off. Unfortunately, the used car market is fluctuating and pretty much affected by seasonal events. So here are few tips to make your car selling process easier for you.

Sell My Car South Island

First thing first, this advice we give to all car owners- Keep good care of your cars, keeping good cars includes

  • Keep the interior clean, no eating, drinking or smoking inside a car.
  • Park your vehicle a bit off the curb to protect the wheels.
  • Have car serviced regularly and maintain logs.
  • Try keeping the mileage low, this can be in form share a ride, make car pools with co-workers, use train and buses especially when you know that traffic would be too much and there will be a parking problem.

Private car buyers, especially one buying car for a family really wants the car to be in good condition. Dealers as well prefer a well looked after vehicle which be an easy sell for them, rather than the one, on which they will have to spend time and money to get it marketable.

So Where can I Sell My Car South Island?

Well in you are resident in South island, then following are your options.

Private car sales

Take good pictures of the car from all over including exterior, interior, dashboard and under the hood as well. Select a bright sunny day for this so that you have ample light. Next step, jump on to internet, place ads on Trademe, turners, newspaper and other classified sites. list down all details, as it is better to be clear upfront rather wasting your own or someone else’s time. Don’t wait for a private sale if you have a scrap/ junk car (as explained over here).

The downside, you will get loads of fake, irritating calls till your ad remain active. You will have to brag about your car a million time, all in front of dozens of strangers. And then all those strangers will be visiting your place as well.

Auction Companies

Car auction companies like Manheim and others can be another option. They will take your car in any condition, neat or dirty, broken or running and put it up for auction. There on you will have to pray that you get a good bid for your car as you never know how much it would be sold off.

Downside, these companies will charge you a hefty amount in commission and more importantly you won’t know till the time how much you are going to get for it.

Selling to a Car Wrecker

Use this option if you are in urgent need of money as car wreckers would pay you cash there and then, they don’t wait for lengthy transfers and paperwork. Or secondly you had an accident and your car is declared total loss. No one else would buy this car except the wreckers, you are already covered by insurance so you can get something extra from these wreckers. Lastly your car model is too old and you are tiered of waiting for the right buyer on Trademe or Facebook marketplace.

So selling to a car wrecker is quick, pain-free and you get cash for it. Maybe we are biased, but you need to understand who else would bring a tow truck to pick up your old, non-working cars and pay you cash for it on the spot.

South Wreckers

We are South island’s highest paying, most experienced car wreckers. We only know about one thing and that is car and trucks. We buy all sort of old, scrap cars for cash and provide absolutely free junk car removal service in South island from Nelson to Invercargill. So next time you are looking to Sell My Car South Island, try our cash for cars quote form.

Where is the South Wreckers Location?

No matter where you are in South island, if you want to sell and scrap your car in Kaikoura or Queenstown, Christchurch or Dunedin, or anywhere in between, South wreckers can help. We can collect your scrap car from you or you can drop it off at the below address.

LDV Wreckers Christchurch

Are you Looking for LDV vehicle needs a replacement part, you can get high quality parts through South Wreckers for a fraction of the cost of a brand new part. LDV Wreckers Christchurch team has most of LDV vans & Utes spares that are thoroughly inspected and we only sell parts in good condition.

LDV Wreckers Christchurch – Used/After-market LDV Parts

We have a very strong range of all LDV spare parts. We are dismantling all models of LDV Vans and can freight all parts New Zealand wide. All you need to do is fill-out Request Quote for Parts form to get quote for LDV parts. Our commercial wreckers stock is hand picked parts from all LDV models, we sell:

  • Diesel/Petrol Engines
  • Gearboxes
  • Transmissions
  • Body Panels
  • Car Batteries & Used Tyres
  • Electrical & much, much more
  • D90 SUV,
  • V80 Van Diesel,
  • G10 Van
  • T60 Ute Dual Cab, T60 Ute Cab Chassis

Access our parts section. Always dismantling a huge selection of late LDV utes and vans, most parts are available, engine parts from crankshafts to cylinder heads and all the smaller associated parts, with differentials, gearboxes, drive shafts. As well as Bodies, flats, boxes and recovery bodies also power take offs, pumps, drives, quill shafts and wheels.

South Wreckers are Supplying LDV Van and Ute parts

We stock recycled (used) parts as well as some new parts for LDV D90 suv or LDV V80 Diesel or LDV G10 vans as well as the new 2017 LDV T60 ute, all of our recycled LDV parts have been carefully checked and tested where ever possible.

If you need auto parts for your LDV V80 or G10 van then we should be able to help you.. you are welcome to call in (Hornby wrecking yard) and collect or we deliver to just about anywhere in south island as well as north island, we can also arrange delivery to Australia so let us know if you need a quote.

Looking to Get Rid of Your LDV? – South Wreckers pay Cash Up To $19000.

Are you looking to get rid of your LDV Ute or Van. Our LDV Wreckers Christchurch Team buy all models of LDV vehicle’s. No Matter, what is the condition of your LDV. We are Christchurch based auto wreckers and provide services for all types of Unwanted, Junk, Wrecked, Smashed, Accident, Scrap & Old LDV vehicles throughout Canterbury region. We offer cash for vans, and specialize in Old Vans Removals & Recycling.

Now you can turn your Old, damaged and Unwanted LDV van into INSTANT CASH. We dispose of Unwanted Cars in Christchurch and pay you cash instantly. We are able to provide same day service. TLDV Wreckers Christchurch will will come to you anywhere in south island and our friendly driver will arrange pick up. Our LDV Wreckers Christchurch team has very simple process and we give QUALITY service:

  1. Pickup for LDV Vans & Utes.
  2. Eco-Friendly processes for disposing LDV vehicles.
  3. Any damaged, wrecked, or broken down LDV vehicles are accepted.

Contact us today by phone; Christchurch NZ 0800 735 569 and we’ll do our best to help you with your LDV spare parts inquiry.

Wrecking Car for Cash Kaiapoi

Do you live in Kaiapoi and want to get rid of an old, worn out or broken car?

It’s simple! South wreckers are a registered auto wreckers that services the Waimakariri District. Just jump online and get a free quote for Wrecking Car for Cash Kaiapoi.

Wrecking Car for Cash Kaiapoi

We’ve got you covered with our 3 Step Cash for Cars Process.

1. Free Valuation

Fill in our quote form or speak to one of our friendly staff today for a free car valuation on your vehicle.

2. Free Pickup or Drop Off

Same day service for all car collections, or drive your car into our closest drop off center.

3. Get Cash for your vehicle

We advise you with NZTA paperwork, pay cash in your hand and remove your unwanted car for free. So quick and Easy!

Why Should I Choose South Wreckers?

If you’re after a quick sale for your wrecked vehicle in the Kaiapoi, then South Wreckers the best company to deal with. We’re a leading scrap car recycler in Christchurch, but we operate further north including, Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Woodend and Pegasus. Our Wrecking Car for Cash Kaiapoi team of experienced and technical wrecking staff can assist you with any questions you may have.

If you live on the Waimak area, then South wreckers are the premier Cash for Cars company to use for selling your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, and any make and model and you receive on-the-spot cash. We’ll even help you with the paperwork. As well as free car removal we offer a same-day pick up (if you book before 4pm).

Wrecking Car for Cash Kaiapoi at your Doorstep

We’ll come to you right at your premise in Kaiapoi to take away your vehicle; we’ve paid up to $9999 instant cash for old cars in the past!

Below are some popular makes and models that we buy and pick up every day.

There are three major benefits of selling your old car to South wreckers. Firstly you are getting cash in hand, not a cheque or a deposit. Secondly, you’re getting THE best cash price on the Kaiapoi for worn out, broken or old cars. Lastly, you’re doing your bit to help the environment, and who doesn’t feel good about that?

To swap your wrecked car for cash in Kaiapoi, get a free cash for cars quote for your car now – just call us on 0800 735 569 or fill out the quote form on the right.

BMW Salvage Christchurch

BMW Wreckers Christchurch –Turn that BMW into cash!

If you have planned to remove your unwanted BMW then South wreckers can be a great assistance to you. We specialize in the wrecking and dismantling of BMW vehicles.  Therefore thinking for an instant removal of damaged/used BMW then contact BMW Salvage Christchurch team and get our free cash for cars quote. Get cash up to $ 9,999 for all BMW Car or 4wd today.

BMW Salvage Christchurch

South wreckers are a car removal company based in Christchurch. We are the ones you want to call if you are tired of the old BMW. BMW Salvage Christchurch crew will happily buy that vehicle off you, and we don’t care what condition it is in.

  • BMW car wrecks that have been damaged in an accident;
  • vehicles with fire or water damage;
  • old BMW cars that don’t pass WOF.

How much cash for wrecking BMW?

It is a common question among the BMW owners how much cash they can get on BMW car in Christchurch? It depends on what type of BMW car you own. Our BMW car buyers offer best prices. Our cash offer depends on the year, make and overall mechanical condition of your BMW.

Our company accepts all BMW vehicle conditions whether it is flooded, burnt, dent, smashed, broken, hail damaged, used, unwanted or whatever the state of your Bimmer is. Our BMW wreckers are good at removing any type of BMW automobile from Christchurch and Canterbury. You can really rely our BMW Salvage Christchurch professionals.

Read More: Audi wreckers Christchurch.

All BMW Car Models And 4wds Accepted

We wreck BMW car and 4×4 vehicles.These includes the following-

  • BMW Gran Turismo
  • BMW 1 Series
  • BMW 2 Series
  • BMW 3 Series 
  • BMW 5 Series 
  • BMW 6 Series 
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW M Models
  • BMW X1, X3, X6
  • BMW Z4 Roadster
  • Various BMW models

Second-hand Parts For BMW in Christchurch

As leading Christchurch auto wrecker, we strive to meet your BMW spare part request. Whether you’re after a nut or bolt or a complete BMW engine or body shell we can cater for your particular need. We have dismantled over 1000 BMW’s to date ranging from 1980 to current 2018 models, over 100 cars on site  and have daily stock arriving as well as a constant arrival of overseas stock.

Just like any other luxury car manufacturing company, spares for BMW cars can prove to be quite expensive. In New Zealand, BMW Salvage Christchurch is one company that is dedicated to ensuring that BMW owners get access to these parts at affordable prices.

Our yard has a huge collection of used and genuine BMW spare parts. We have dealt in every old or new model in the past.

We offer 3 deliveries per day. 2 Christchurch city deliveries (trade customers only) and 1 New Zealand wide. Some international deliveries available please contact for further information.

If you would like to enquire about ordering your next part don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alfa Romeo Wrecking & Parts

Alfa Romeo Wreckers Christchurch

Italian Car Parts& Salvage – Wrecker of Alfa Romeo vehicles

Alfa Romeo Wrecking & PartsSouth wreckers are the newest Alfa Romeo wreckers Christchurch. We have range of cheap new and used Alfa Romeo parts available for most models.

We specialize in after market and second hand mechanical parts for your Italian motoring needs. Our Alfa Romeo Wrecking & Parts team provide and stock a broad range of spare parts to keep your Italian vehicle on the road. We supply trusted and quality used car parts so you can rest assure that your vehicle is maintained to a high standard.

Alfa Romeo Wrecking

  • Engine & Gearbox fitting service
  • Body panels & Lights
  • Mechanical parts & Brakes
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Tyres, Rims, Mags plus fitting
  • Battery & Electrical

Alfa Romeo Spare Parts at Lowest Prices in Christchurch

Finding a spare part for your Alfa Romeo can be challenging and when you come across one, it is usually expensive. This is because European car parts are often in limited supply depending on the type of component you are searching for with many auto part dealers marking up their prices. For all of your spares needs, Alfa Romeo Wrecking & Parts are available at affordable prices.

  • Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider, Alfa Romeo Duetto, Alfa Romeo 164, Alfa Romeo 1750
  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Alfa Romeo Berlina, Alfa Romeo Guilia, Alfa Romeo Milano

Rather than hassle with dealers and agents, the wrecking business has become a popular and reliable source for finding all types of car and related components. Alfa Romeo Wreckers  offers trusted and efficient solutions for all Italian vehicle spares. Only the best ranges are offered to customers so you can rest assured that you will be receiving high quality and at the right price.

Alfa Romeo Junk Car Removal Christchurch

We Buy Alfa Romeo Cars For Cash

wreckersIf you are interested in selling your unwanted Alfa Romeo, Christchurch wreckers are the best source to get cash for cars. Whether it is just rotting away on your property or needs all sorts of major repairs, we will buy it and we will offer you cash on the spot.

Our Tow Operators see the value in junk vehicles as an opportunity for many parts that are needed for many other vehicles. Unlike most other junk car removal companies, we have the knowledge and experience to know the best way to convert your Alfa Romeo car into more cash for both you and for us.

Our New Zealand wide network of auto salvage yards, auto recyclers, auto wreckers, and junk yards carry an extensive inventory of new, aftermarket, and used Alfa Romeo parts.

Scrap Cars Kaikoura

Kaikoura Cash For Scrap Cars Any Make Or Model

Scrap Cars Kaikoura

Looking for top cash for your unwanted car? At SOUTH WRECKERS we pay instant cash for your car for up to $9999. Sounds awesome? Read on to know more about our Scrap Cars Kaikoura deals. There is no need to worry about your unwanted vehicle that is aging or not passing WOF inspection. We offer top Cash for Cars in any condition, irrespective of whether it is damaged, has a mechanical issue or not in working condition.

Cash for Cars North Canterbury: Kaikoura, Clarence, Peketa, Oaro  

Below are some popular makes and models that we buy and pick up every day.

Apart from buying above mentioned makes, we buy every model of them. Regardless of vehicle age, interior and exterior condition, Scrap Cars Kaikoura team offer you cash and free removal service.

Our Scrap Cars Kaikoura service features include:

  • Cash for registered and non-registered cars, vans, trucks
  • Cash for smash, junk, scrap and old vehicles
  • Sell any commercial and non-commercial vehicles
  • Free car towing, removal and pick up service
  • Free of cost Paper work & Inspection of all vehicles
  • Hassle free, quick, fast and reliable process of buying vehicles

Steps for Selling your Scrap Cars Kaikoura:

  • Call us to get a free quote or submit an online enquiry and our staff will offer you top price for your vehicle.
  • Once our offer has been accepted, we will arrange for our car removal technicians to pick up your car from the address you provide, at a time and place that is convenient for you.
  • After completion of the required paperwork, we pay you cash on the spot. As simple as that!

The process of selling car for wrecking to our Scrap Cars Kaikoura team is not hard, complex or typical. It is very easy, simple and fast with some simple steps. Just have a look at the following requirements of selling your vehicle:

What is required when buying your vehicle?

  • Your photo ID like driver’s license
  • Key of the car in most cases

Things we don’t need when buying old car

  • Registration papers or title
  • WOF certificate

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

South Wreckers confirm that there are not any hidden charges when buying your car, van or truck. We do not deduct a singly dollar from price evaluation after claiming charges for car removal, towing, pick up, paper work or quote. These services are totally free of cost and wouldn’t confuse or distract you in selling your vehicle.

Things to Remember When Selling Vehicle

We buy hundreds of cars, vans, trucks and other 4wds every day. And we have many situations and circumstances in which customer forget to take out their precious things out of their vehicle. Customer usually forget and left these types of things:

  • E-tag & title plates
  • Phone & USB
  • Documents & money
  • Jewelry & books

Whenever you are going to getting rid of your vehicle, just make sure you remove the above mentioned things from your car. In case you left anything in your car, just call to our customer care and inform as soon as possible. Scrap Cars Kaikoura team will make sure you get your precious things back.

Auto wrecking services near Kaikoura: