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Car Removal Rakaia


Do you want to convert your unwanted vehicle into money today? Through our “Car Removal Service” your car will be removed same day & top cash will be offered instantly.

We are the top cash for cars service in southern banks of the Rakaia River on the Canterbury Plains, owing to high customer demand. Being the best car buyer in Canterbury, we are ready to buy your old vehicle, damaged vehicle, wreck cars, scrap vehicle or a vehicle that has met with an accident.

Car Removal Rakaia


South wreckers operate fully equipped trucks that can carry every type of small or large vehicles. You own a Truck or a Van; it is a Caravan or an SUV, our car removal experts will remove it carefully and consciously. You can also ask us for customized services suited to your own vehicle and requirements.

Not only the size but the team at South wreckers also easily handles every condition of the vehicle. You have to get a completely wrecked vehicle removed from a busy road or a broken car at your mechanic shop. From Scrap, Old Used, Accident, to Unwanted and Damaged Cars that are not passing WOF, we remove all kinds of vehicles.

Interested in getting an instant quote for your unwanted car? You can now get an obligation-free quote on your junk or old car in Chertsey, Pendarves, Dorie, Southbridge, Bankside and surrounding areas. If you choose to accept it, our staff will be at your doorstep to perform free car removal service and hand you top dollar in return.

All your struggles in selling your car will be gone in 60 minutes when you call us! We will give you a free car valuation and the best cash price that is going to be much better than any other cash quote you receive.

  • A licensed  and local auto salvage company
  • FREE car removal offers
  • Instant cash offers
  • Customized and super-fast process
  • Providing 24 hours, 7 days a week services
  • All makes, models of cars – of any condition
  • Well-trained and professional staff

Contact Us Today

Complete our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.

We are the fair commercial truck buyerauto salvage & car wreckers in Christchurch that guarantees a good deal!

Junk Car Buyer Christchurch


Whether you’re a DIY car mechanic or a person who wants to get money for an old car, rely on South wreckers in Christchurch. We offer both money for junk cars and great savings on used auto parts.

Junk Car Buyer Christchurch

Sell your Unwanted Vehicle to Junk Car Buyer Christchurch

Do you have a car that just uses up space or costs you money to store?  Junk Car Buyer Christchurch can help. We buy end life vehicles, which means you get money and an old car off your hands.

Find the Auto Parts you Need

Need a hard-to-find, old, or used part for a car you’re working on or your current car? Rely on us at South Wreckers Since we buy used cars, vans & scrap trucks we offer lots of affordable auto parts. You can view our inventory online, call us to inquire, or stop by our store.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Whatever your reason for our services, call us at 0800 735 569 for any questions you have about buying or selling used cars. Whether you want to find auto parts, buy salvage cars, or get rid of your old car, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Who Pays The Most for Junk Cars in Christchurch?

Simply put, we do. We screen other local junk yards to ensure that what we pay beats the competition. In this way, you can always be sure that the price we provide is not only competitive, but the best in the greater Christchurch area.

Our Car Removal Process:

  1.  Simply contact us with the year, make, and model
  2.  Small description of what is wrong with your vehicle.
  3.  We then provide you with the highest quote possible.
  4.  Schedule your junk car removal for FREE pick up.
  5.  Driver pays you cash on the spot upon removal.

Why South Wreckers?

As one of the most respected auto salvage companies in the industry, we keep the process honest and fair for all our customers.

  • Every car, no matter the condition of the vehicle or its make, model or year, has value.
  • We keep the process quick, so you can get on with your day.
  • We provide cash on the spot at the time of delivery or pick up.
  • We provide free towing if your vehicle is not in driving condition.

If you decide to work with us, which we hope you do, we can pick up your vehicle for free, and we pay you cash at the same time. If you’re able to drive your vehicle to our new junkyard in Hornby, we will pay you cash upon drop-off. If you do not have the vehicle’s title to show ownership, please let us know beforehand. We will provide tips on how you can obtain the title or other ways to show proof of ownership.

Green Auto Recycling Strategies & Top Cash Car Removal Procedures

When we buy junk cars Christchurch, we always recycle & dismantle our acquired cars with strict recycling procedures at our Christchurch car wrecking yard, which are regulated & ensured to be environmentally safe.

All cars must drain all of the hazardous liquids, gases and fluids, which are retrieved by a designated & licensed local hazardous waste company. You can be sure that your used vehicle will be dismantled properly at our scrapyard. 

Our auto wrecking partners beyond Christchurch:

Junk Cars Methven

We’ll Buy Your Damaged Car or Even Non-running Car in Methven

South wreckers are the solution that is better than every other venue for getting rid of cars whether they are nice running vehicles or not. We are not a company that re-sells the vehicles. We remove these poorly or non-running vehicle from the market through many different auto wrecking facilities.

Junk Cars Methven

This is the most environmentally friendly method for ridding individuals of cars that are becoming eyesores and financial burdens.

We buy all brands ranging from:

Why should I Sell My Car in Methven to South Wreckers?

  • We buy cars in Methven in any condition.
  • We are licensed and insured auto salvage company.
  • We help with all of the NZTA paperwork.
  • You get free towing on your car in Methven.
  • No WOF required; we purchase your car as-is.
  • Our Car Buyers are local and can often be there within an hour.

This makes our company an easy, efficient method of selling a vehicle. It also lowers the stress that is involved with the entire process. The best part is we don’t care what condition your car is in. If it has been totaled or involved in a major accident, we’ll purchase it and provide Cash for Junk Cars Methven. We buy junk cars everyday so give us a call to sell off your old car.

Cash for Junk Cars Methven – FREE Towing!

Lots of times, looking for free towing for your unwanted car can turn into a full time job. That’s why we offer free towing, when you sell your car to us!

There are so many benefits of free towing!

  • You save money.
  • The stress of finding a tow truck company is gone.
  • You can concentrate on the sale of your unwanted car and not waste time looking for a tow company.

How Much Will We Pay For Your Vehicle?

We assess each vehicle individually so that we can give you the highest payout possible. Just complete our Quote Form and get the process started with no-obligation.

When Do I Get Paid ?

We provide cash for your truck the same day that we pick it up. Cash payments can be made in form of hard cash or online banking or we can send a check with Tow driver who will pick up your vehicle.

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

Absolutely not. We handle each stage of the process for you and have your car picked-up by our professional towing service at no cost to you. You pay nothing!

Our auto wrecking services in Canterbury:

Junk Cars Fairlie

Cash For Cars, Trucks, And Vans in Fairlie

Looking to sell your car in Fairlie, Canterbury? Thinking about picking up a new car from your local dealership after getting cash for your unwanted car? Many individuals think it’s a wise idea to trade in their current car in the hopes of getting a better deal on their new purchase instead of getting quick cash—it’s a convenient choice that many people opt for.


Junk Cars Fairlie

Do You Pay Cash for Junk Cars Fairlie?

Whether we pay cash for junk cars depends on the condition of the unwanted car. We typically don’t offer free towing or Junk Cars Fairlie, even if you’re a resident of Rangitikei. If you’re looking to get cash for an unwanted car or vehicle that has flood or fire damage, or if it has dents or rust, you can usually take your junk cars to a car wrecking facility for cash, and if it has salvageable parts, you can get money for the scrap metal or your Junk Cars Fairlie.

Does you junk automobile have problems with it’s odometer, engine, transmission, or tires? These factors are important to mention to our car buyers in order for us to offer you a cash offer on your Junk Cars Fairlie.

What’s The Process for Getting Cash for Cars in Fairlie?

You’ve finally come to terms with the fact that you need to sell your car. Many people, ourselves included, become emotionally attached to their cars and it can be hard to admit they are past their prime and need to be let go. At South wreckers our goal is to take the stress out of the process of selling your car, so you can get back to enjoying the amazing Fairlie area. Here’s all you need to do if you want cash for Junk Cars Fairlie:

  1.  Accurately describe your car

    Start with the basics like the year, make, and model. We’ll need to know what condition it’s in as well. Does it run? Does it have damage? We will buy any car, but we do need to know what condition it’s in to make an accurate quote. We’ll also need to make sure you own the car, so let us know if you don’t have the title. We can sometimes buy cars with no title in Fairlie, but it depends on a number of factors.

  2.  Check out our instant offer

    South wreckers will give you an instant offer for your car in most cases. There’s no waiting around for someone to call you back with a price, you will see it right on your screen in real time. If you choose to accept the offer, you’ll be put in touch with one of our car removal team to arrange for pickup.

  3.  Get paid top dollar

    When the scheduled appointment time rolls around, our scrap car specialists will arrive to pay you cash for your car. Of course, they’ll make sure the car is in the stated condition, and then tow it away. There are never any hidden charges or fine print, and your offer will never change at the time of pickup.

There’s a reason we’ve become the best buyers of Junk Cars Fairlie. The idea is simple: provide a quality junk car removal service, pay reasonable prices, and pick up vehicle quickly. We’re not really sure why our competitors can’t figure this out!

What Makes And Models Do You Purchase?

As long as the vehicle is running, our car buyers are willing to take a look at it and would offer cash if we like it. We buy cars based on the market or scrap value and offer top dollar, usually paid on the spot, putting more money in your pocket. We take into consideration the mileage and overall condition of the vehicle before offering cash for a car. Do you own a muscle car, an electric car, luxury vehicle, hybrid taxi, or a lifted pickup truck? Give us a phone call to schedule a no-obligation quote for your cars in person, or you can get a free online quote just by filling out our form to see how much cash you’d get.

Here are some of the most popular makes and models of cars that we’ve purchased for cash:

Our auto wrecking facilities in New Zealand:

Junk Cars Westland

How You Get The Most Cash for Your Junk Cars Westland?

Do you have an oldwreckedunwantedsalvage or NO WOF car, SUV, van or truck? South wreckers will buy it. It doesn’t matter what year, make or model it is. With 20 years of experience in junk car business we can remove your car in Westland district and throughout the West Coast region. We are an honest, professional company, and our car removal service is fast and courteous.

Is your car over 10 years? it’s time to scrap it for cash

South wreckers are the car buyers of choice when you want cash for your car. We’ll buy any kind of car, truck or SUV no matter the condition. We pay cash upon pickup of any and all cars, damaged cars or cars and trucks that have been wrecked in automobile accidents. We will always pick up your vehicle free of charge anywhere in Westland district(Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier/Waiau, Kumara, Whataroa, Ross, Harihari and Haast). We will usually pick it up the same day if you call us early enough in the day.

Junk Cars Westland


Yes, we will buy any car regardless of the year, make or model. All it takes is a phone call to determine an instant price quote on your vehicle.

We buy all brands ranging from:

We buy your junk cars in any condition. Wrecked, broken down, water damaged, fire damage, vandalized, write-off cars.  We make sure your getting the most money for your unwanted car. We offer free towing with same day car removal service to our customers in Westland. We have wrecker trucks on call ready to serve you. Give us a call to get a free instant cash quote for your scrap car pick up for cash. Depending on the year make and model of your unwanted car. Depends on how much money you will receive. We buy all cars from the year 1990 to 2020 in any condition


We want you to get your property back and to get rid of unused vehicles that still require plates and registration to keep legal. If you’re sick of looking at those junk cars and just want them gone, we pay cash for cars in very little time and without having you worry that the vehicle is in poor or even nonworking condition. Don’t waste time at auto salvage yard.

Call our Junk Cars Westland team today to schedule an estimate and to receive the cash you need and want for your old vehicles. Our customers satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our auto wrecking services in South Island:

Junk Cars Rangiora

Where You Get The Top Cash for Junk Cars Rangiora?

  • Do you or someone you know have a car, truck, van, or SUV that you need to get rid of?
  • Do you hate the idea of paying someone to tow it away?
  • DO you have a car that needs repairs but you just don’t have the time or money to get it fixed?

Whatever the reason for wanting your car gone, South Wreckers want to be your go-to company. We will buy your vehicle, pay you cash, and tow it away for free. That’s right, FREE towing. South Wreckers have almost thirty years of experience in the removal of junk cars and with their car recycling program, you can get paid as early as TODAY!

At South wreckers, we pay top dollar for used vehicles and junk trucks. No matter what condition your car is in, we’ll take it off your hands for the highest possible price! We offer cash for cars to clients throughout Waimak distrcit and free pick-up is always included. We will drive up to 100 kilometers for pick-up!

Junk Cars Rangiora

Based in Canterbury, South Wreckers offer the highest payouts for your Junk Cars Rangiora. We accept all of the following:

  • Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, that were damaged in an accident

  • Vehicles with fire, hail or water damage

  • Non-running (No WOF) cars and trucks

  • Vehicles that have already been partially parted out or scrapped

  • Japanese and European vehicles

How Do I Know if I should My Car is Salvage?

  • Your car is not in good condition, maybe it’s not even in working condition.
  • Your car is an older model, and perhaps it’s not worth much money.
  • A car dealership isn’t offering you much for a trade.
  • It costs too much money to continuously fix it.

Here’s How Simple And Easy Cash for Cars Works

1. Get an instant Car for Cash quote by calling 0800 735 569.

2. Schedule an appointment for a pick-up.

3. Get paid up to $7,000 cash money on the spot. It’s that simple and easy.

The following is a quick list of areas we serve when you want to scrap your car or other vehicle in Canterbury.

Why Choose us to be your junk car buyer in Rangiora?



  • Free pickup
  • Competitive cash offer
  • Friendly staff
  • Local business support
  • Same day pickup 
  • Trustworthy Owners


Contact us today at 0800 735 569 for your free junk car quote and free removal. We are honored to be Christchurch’s auto junk yard of choice.

Junk Cars Selwyn


Do you have a Damaged or Junk Cars Selwyn you’re trying to get rid of? Perfect! We want to buy your damaged or unwanted truck. Give us some basic information about your damaged or scrap car, and we’ll give you an offer instantly. Seriously, you could get cash for that junk car in your driveway! We want to buy all the used, salvage, scrap, or damaged cars in Selwyn district: Darfield, Leeston, Lincoln, Prebbleton, Rolleston, Tai Tapu, West Melton…etc.

Junk Cars SelwynA lot of people seem to have a car they want to get rid of but they are not really sure who to turn to. There are even more broken down cars in front yards that many individuals think they are stuck with because as far as they are concerned, there is really no place to take them and get rid of them. Fortunately, there is South Wreckers and these individuals buy cars of all types, whether they are running or they have been sitting in somebody’s yard for years. The best part is that you have the opportunity to make a profit off of these automobiles even if they are total scrap.



Maybe you purchased your new car from a private individual and there was no opportunity to sell your old truck. Maybe you drove that car for so long that it finally just stopped running and you had no idea what to do with it from that point forward. Many people do have the misunderstanding that once a car is no broken down, it is quite hard to get anyone to purchase it. However, that is the sole reason why this particular group exists. It can definitely make your life easier, help you clean up your property and give you some cash in the process.


It seems like every person has had it happen to them at some point in their lives. You get a car that you think is your dream car, at least for a while. Eventually, it becomes more of a hassle to deal with mechanical or electronic issues than it does to simply start driving something else. However, you may have found yourself in a situation where the dealership wasn’t interested in purchasing the car. This is just one possible situation you might be facing when you are trying to sell your car.


No worries. Most cars that are sent to South Wreckers company are in poor shape. It doesn’t matter if it has been in an accident or if it is in pristine condition. You can still be paid well either way for the vehicle. It also doesn’t even have to work or be very clean.

How Does Junk Cars Selwyn Work?

After you call or submit a request for a quote online and you give a time that works for you to have the vehicle picked up, a tow truck driver will arrive at the car’s location. The driver will bring the cash. You will have to sign the vehicle over. The tow truck driver will give you the cash and then load the vehicle onto the tow truck. It really is that simple.

So, begin the process of getting cash for your car here and then follow up with us so we can get you awesome cash for your unwanted vehicle!

Junk Cars Clutha

Are you Trying to Sell Your Scrap Car for Top Dollar?

Junk Cars Clutha

If you want the fastest, easiest way to get quick money, sell your car to South Wreckers. We provide competitive quotes for Junk Cars Clutha, and the surrounding Otago communities. Get your free quote online, or call us at 0800 735 569 to learn more about how it works.

Scrap My Car Easily! FREE Scrap Car Removal!

Check out how easy it is to get money for your scrap car below!

  1. Enter your car’s information! Our online junk car tool allows you to get an accurate on your car. Enter your car’ information and get an instant quote on your junk car!
  2. Accept the offer! Once you have entered your car’s information, connect with us. We will then ask you a few more questions about your car. You will then have an offer on your car in less than 20 minutes!
  3. Get the cash! Once you accept our offer, we will make plans to come to your Balclutha location and inspect your car in person! When all is well, you will have cash in your hands!

We’ll Buy Your Junk Cars Clutha

“I have to sell my car, but no one will want to buy my car!” If that’s what you’ve been thinking, South wreckers can help. We specialize in buying non-running vehicles. So if you have a car just sitting and collecting rust, let us help you. Have questions about our process? Give us a bell on 0800 735 569.

Selling your Car to South Wreckers

So, you have an unwanted vehicle on your hands and now you have been thinking of selling that junk car, to auto wreckers. That makes sense… or does it? Allow us to explore this a bit.

You call South wreckers and describe your old vehicle. You then get an offer on your Junk Cars Clutha, that sounds reasonable. You find the offer OK.  So, you head on down to the junkyard to get rid of the junk car and get you some fast cash.

South wreckers are in the business of buying junk cars quickly, easily and with no hassle to you! We will never ask you to tow your car anywhere in Clutha (Balclutha, Clinton, Kaitangata, Lawrence, Milton, Owaka, Pounawea, Taieri Mouth, Tapanui, Waihola). Instead of you coming to us, we come to YOU!

So, begin the process of getting cash for your car here and then follow up with us so we can get you cool cash for your Junk Cars Clutha!

Mercedes Auto Dismantlers

Mercedes Auto Dismantlers in Christchurch – Variety of Merc Spare Parts Available

If you are looking for cash for Mercedes-Benz cars in Christchurch who’ll pay the highest price for an old, used, junk Mercedes-Benz vehicle. South Wreckers is your one stop shop.

Mercedes Auto Dismantlers

We buy all models of Mercedes-Benz no matter in what physical or mechanical condition it is. Because we dismantle German cars for parts and our experts understand all nuts and bolts of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. South Wreckers has no affiliation, sponsorship or approval from Mercedes-Benz or any member of Mercedes-Benz Group of Companies.

Sell Mercedes-Benz Car in Canterbury

If a Mercedes-Benz car is new and if you are looking to trade or if it is a scrap, old, damaged yes Mercedes Auto Dismantlers buy them all. Comparing to any other company we are paying top dollars. So never miss a chance to get an instant cash quote from Christchurch auto wreckers.

Mercedes Car Owners only have to provide the following information for getting an instant cash quote for their Mercedes-Benz cars in south island.

  • Name of the owner
  • Model, Year
  • Mobile number
  • Car Condition
  • Transmission

For your Mercedes is very good shape and you think it worth a bit more then you can try sell your Mercedes for instant cash in New Zealand.

Mercedes-Benz Used Parts & Panels

We Stock Most Mercedes-Benz Used Parts & Panels.  Contact Us Today!

Our staff have over 100 years of Mercedes spare parts experience & will respond immediately! Call 0800 735 569 for all Mercedes Benz parts inquiries including ML-Class, OEM, GL class & all Mercedes 4WD wheel drive.

  •  Steering & Suspension : brakes system, ball joints, bushes etc.
  •  Body & Panel parts : bars, grilles, guards, bonnets etc.
  •  Engine parts : cylinder heads, gaskets, cam shafts etc.
  •  Fuel system : fuel pump, injectors, air flow meter etc.

There are many benefits to working with a company like ours. 

  • We take the time to understand your needs 
  • 24/7 high quality services 
  • Friendly and expert customer service experts 
  • Expert buyers & Best rates


Choose South Wreckers. We are one of the best Mercedes Benz wreckers in New Zealand You are assured that only expert car wreckers, car valuation team, mechanics, and car removalists will handle your old Mercedes, so there’s no need to worry. We will gladly take your Benz in no time and even pay you top cash for it, so you won’t feel too bad about letting it go. Decide now and reach our friendly and efficient staff at 0800 735 569. Enquire and get your free no-obligation quote now!

Find your your local Mercedes Auto Dismantlers:


Car Wreckers Waterloo

New Car Wreckers Facility in Waterloo Industrial Park Christchurch

The car wrecking industry in Christchurch has been doing quite well for the last couple of decades and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Due to this, a lot of privately owned businesses and companies decided to join in and offer various car wrecking services Christchurch. But not all of them are the same. Some companies offer free car removal services but would not give the car owners anything in return, in fact, some companies actually charge their clients. We at Car Wreckers Waterloo are not like them. Our car removal services are not only free, but we also pay our customers in cash on the spot.

Car Wreckers Waterloo

Our Car Wreckers Waterloo staff get asked this question a lot. People seem to be bewildered as to why we are willing to remove old scrap cars for absolutely no cost, and their amusement gets even more intense when we say that we will give them cash for their old vehicles.

We Remove and Wreck All Types of Vehicles

Our Car Wreckers Waterloo team are quite surprised when they found out how many car owners refuse to have their scrap car removed because they thought it was “too damaged to be of value.”

Well, we have good news for you. Car Wreckers Waterloo will buy ALL types of scrap and junk vehicles anywhere in Canterbury! You need not worry about the age, damages, and running condition of your car.

It doesn’t matter what make, model, or brand your car is. Our Car Wreckers Waterloo determines the value of your car with the help of a special computer program that figures out the highest appraisal in the area. What that means is you will surely get the highest available price for your car.


Why buy new when used will do? Car Wreckers Waterloo is your one-stop destination for all of your auto part needs. As one of the largest auto wreckers Christchurch has to offer, we aim to be a leader in the auto parts recycler by providing exceptional customer experience and ‘value for money’ products and service. We specialize in all leading brands, makes, and models, including passenger and commercial vehicles

Visit your Car Wreckers Waterloo today. Our yards are open seven days a week and most public holidays.

A Leader in Supplying the Best Auto Parts in Hornby, CHCH

At South Wreckers, we are now wrecking all conditions, brands and makes of cars available in Christchurch. Our talented team of Auto Wreckers is skilled and experienced enough to conduct eco-friendly wrecking using state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Using such tools, we wreck:

  • Sedan
  • Ute
  • Van
  • SUV
  • 4WD
  • Bus
  • Truck
  • Jeep
  • Minibus, etc.


At Car Wreckers Waterloo we pride ourselves on being able to find that unique part for you, and if we don’t have it ourselves we know who has it.

We also offer some of the best prices in Christchurch for your old or unused vehicle – we take all makes and models and pay top $$$$. To find that special part or to find out how Car Wreckers Waterloo make you money with your old car talk to us today on  0800 735 569 or simply just email us at We are fully licensed and insured and ready to take your call today.